The Chief Joseph Foundation was established on the Nez Perce reservation of Idaho in 1991. The philosophy of the Foundation is to promote Nez Perce cultural preservation, community pride, and community healing through activities primarily centered around the Appaloosa horse. The Appaloosa horse and the Nez Perce people have cultural and emotional bonds that have historical prominence and significance.


Bonnie and "Appy Jack" in full dress

Nez Perce Jr. Scout
Lucy and Appy Jack. The scouts are the only ones allowed to wear the red vests. This was her first day being a scout.

The Chief Joseph Foundation is a non-profit program. Proceeds from sales of these Appaloosa horses go to help with Foundation expenses, including providing feed for all the riding horses during the winter, and to support programs like these:
One of the contestants in the Equine Special Olympics. The CJF has been hosting this event since 1999, furnishing horses, tack, the arena, judges, timers, and other people who help make it run smoothly.

Bonnie with teenagers from the Nez Perce Reservation on the National Chief Joseph Trail Ride in Montana.

The CJF also has a hippo therapy program for the handicapped, providing a trained instructor, horses, and everything else needed at no cost to the participants. The local Boys' and Girls' Clubs are provided lessons twice a week.

Bonnie got her 13 year plaque and pin last year. She's the only Nez Perce to do the whole trip ever, and they have been doing the ride for about 40 years, so we're all proud of her.

See the link below for more about the Trail Ride.

We have maybe three dozen kids who all want to ride at the same time, but they show up with tennis shoes, shorts and no hat... most of them have nothing that has to do with being a cowboy or girl, only the desire to come out and try to do it. And they all do some way or the other, and we love em!!

If you would like to help, we have a wish list, and we also welcome cash donations.

The wish list:
* cowboy boots, all sizes from very small kids, womens to mens size 12,new or used
* jeans, shirts, belts
* tack of all kinds, also new or used
* a few well broke Appaloosas. Some of the ones we have are getting very old. We have 6 or 8 that can still make the CJ trailride, but a few of them are just good for arena work but can't do the mountain stuff - it's pretty hard work.

We will accept monetary donations to help with transportation, horse care, feed, insurance etc. The Chief Joseph Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, Org. 503-C-3, with a Federal ID number. We always issue donor forms for donors to use for tax purposes.

We have bought enough land to build an indoor arena and outdoor arena to hold our classes and events, hopefully a JR. Rodeo one of these days, as well as hosting the regional Special Olympics as we have been doing for several years now. We are working to raise funds to do all as soon as we can. It may take awhile but we are going to do it!

But we need all the help we can get. If you would like to donate, send your contribution to:

The Chief Joseph Foundation
c/o Bonnie Ewing
48768 Hwy 95
Culdesac, ID 83524

This little girl is one of the few with richer parents. This is how we would like all our kids to look, but most of them look like the one hanging on the fence or much worse.

You may enjoy seeing why our ole War Ponies are so easy to teach to go into the water - they start when they are only a day or two old! Bill was out feeding one morning and caught them coming back to see what he was doing.
Some of Bonnie's kids mounted on CJF horses and ready to start the day's ride.
Bonnie and our two grand daughters, Lucy and Kat Samuels, 9-7-06. They won the blue ribbon in the parade for best Native American Equestrian Division.

Richard Gere and wife Carey receiving Appaloosa Pendleton blanket from Bonnie

When the actor Richard Gere and his beautiful wife Carey bought a beautiful Black/Blanket Appaloosa mare from Bill and Bonnie, Bonnie presented them with a Pendleton Blanket with Appaloosas on the design. They were honored at the Nez Perce National Park and museum here in Lapwai. We all went trail riding in the mountains near Winchester, Idaho, where our summer pasture is located and had a wonderful time that was enjoyed by all that attended.

Bonnie and one of our colts, "Cody", in front of her Tipi at our place in Culdesac, Idaho.

Some of the CJF kids (all on CJF horses) crossing a nice river in MT. Of course they had to cross at the deepest place.

Notice Bonnie on the far side watching to make sure they were doing okay. They loved it.

This is our oldest son Mike Ewing and his new wife Dina, married last year 2005 at first camp on the Chief Joseph National Trailride near Grangeville, Idaho at Tolo Lake. They were the first ones to be married on horseback on the trailride, both mounted on ApHC horses, he on "Moon Magic" and she on "Peppermint Twist", and they have gone on the ride ever since and vow to do the whole 13 years.

The ceremony was performed in both English and the Nez Perce language by a local clergyman. Pretty neat huh?

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